How it works

Step 1
Register on Playswap

Join the Discord server and register in the protocol

Step 2
Play your favorite game

Start playing one of the 2000+ games we support on PS4, PS5, Xbox or PC

Step 3
Get daily payments

Claim your $PLAY and keep staking for extra benefits

Step 4
Compete with other gamers

Play friendly and ranked tournaments with other players and teams

Step 5
Compete in leaderboards

Increase your guild braging rights in the leaderboards

Step 6
NFT Marketplace

Buy, Sell and loan gaming NFTs

Vision & Mission

The Playswap vision is that all players should be able to earn by the time they spend playing their favorite video games. PlaySwap enables the gaming community to monetize their time playing games they like on their PC, Xbox, PS4, and PS5, earning $PLAY without changing their habits and favorite devices.

It doesn't matter if you are playing Multiplayer or solo games. You will be playing and making money. You don't need to invest any capital in starting earning while playing. By joining our ecosystem, you can participate in tournaments and competitions to boost your earnings while having fun.

Playswap fills the gap between mainstream AAA gaming and the GameFi / Web3 industry, where gamers need to invest capital in starting and playing games that are not fulfilling their expectations in terms of quality. Now you can monetize your long-time hobby by playing the games you love and not another game.

Gaming is the vertical that will bring the following billion users into blockchain, crypto, and Defi.

Exciting right? Let's play!

Metaverse Items

Tokenomics and vesting

Rewards P2E/Community 35%
Team & advisors 15%
Ecosystem support 14%
Seed sale 6%
Public sale 3%
Private Sale 12%
Marketing 5%
Liquidity 10%
Token Symbol



BNB Chain

Max supply



Multiple deflationary mechanism


Seed     0.030$
Private 0.055$
Public   0.08$


Team & advisors












* in months
Rewards/ P2E Community

Ecosystem support


Learn more about Tokenomics

Deflationary mechanism

PlaySwap will have the following deflationary mechanism to reduce the circulating supply and therefore support and increase the demand of $PLAY.

Trading fees

20% of the trading fees are used to buy back and burn Play tokens.

NFT Marketplace

20% of the profit generated will be used to buy back and burn Play tokens.

PlaySwap Arena

20% of the profit generated will be used to buy back and burn Play tokens.

Gaming platform

20% of the profit generated will be used to buy back and burn Play tokens.

Gaming protocol

80% of the Play2Earn fees will be burned.

Autocompound pools

80% of the auto compound Play pool fee will be burned.


Q1 and Q2 2022
  • Discord bot development
  • Oracle development
  • Swap development
  • Open community
Q3 2022
  • Open beta Cronos Chain
  • BNB migration start
  • Contacts with private investors
  • Key partnerships
Q4 2022
  • BNB migration
  • Seed sale
  • Open beta 2.0 on BNB chain
  • Referral system
  • PlaySwap Arena - Tournaments development
Q1 2023
  • Mainnet launch
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Presale
  • Code audit
  • DEX listings
  • Platform redesign
Q2 2023
  • PlaySwap Arena - Leaderboards development
  • Gaming platform development
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Guilds system launch
Q3 2023
  • PlaySwap Arena - Mainnet launch
  • CEX listings
  • Gaming platform development
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Marketing campaigns
Q4 2023
  • Gaming platform launch
  • NFT ecosytem development
  • SDK development
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Marketing campaigns

Partnership & Investors



Experienced team of Web 3.0, tech, and entrepreneurship enthusiasts.

Tiago CTO 
Miguel CEO
Antoine COO/CFO 
Nico CMO

Front end developer

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